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Some of the best new R&B that you've heard in a long time is coming out of the UK. Straight to the head jams that are ryhthmic yet amazingly soulfull! Remixes from the the UK's most talented producers. Steve Wren, Rishi Rich, Full Crew, D'Influence, Linslee, Blacksmith, and more. Also included are some heavy new US releases being played on UK Radio.

Here are Mike West's pick's of the hottest new RnB Releases!

The Best RnB Jams On The Planet!
Mp3 Samples Updated April 2005

Advance Promo's can be mailed to Radiojock at this address!

Mike West
Baron Productions
2620 Hazel St.
Erie, PA 16508

Also for a listing of current UK releases check out:
Vibinmusic  click on releases.

UK Record Stores

UK Artist Websites

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