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This is where you can find great books on all aspects of Radio Broadcasting, Electronics, and Audio. You can also find music at discount prices at

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Here are a few sample books that are available through!

  • Announcing : Broadcast Communicating Today
    Usually ships in 2-3 days Lewis B, O'Donnell, et al / Hardcover / Published 1995

    This text provides coverage of on-air announcing and performance, pronunciation, voice, diction, news and commercial delivery, interviewing, ad-libbing, the station setting, and career possibilities.

  • The Art of Talk
    Usually ships in 24 hours Art Bell / Hardcover / Published 1998

    Intensely private radio personality Art Bell, who lives in the middle of the desert 65 miles west of Las Vegas where he broadcasts his radio shows, finally comes forward with his fascinating autobiography.

  • Audio in Media : The Recording Studio
    Usually ships in 2-3 days Stanley Alten / Paperback / Published 1995

    This book offers a practical overview of the theory, operations, and techniques related to audio production. The discussions are straight-forward and nontechnical and are supported by illustrations and photos.

  • The Broadcast Century : A Biography of American Broadcasting
    Usually ships in 2-3 days Robert L. Hilliard, Michael C. Keith (Contributor) / Paperback /

    Neither excessively nostalgic nor arcane, but an exceedingly informative and entertaining history of broadcast media and its integral role in American society, for students and general readers. Depicts the events, people, programs and companies that shaped broadcasting from the earliest airwaves, through the golden ages of radio and television (and the blacklistings of the 1950s), to the present and the speculative future. Includes 40 personal retrospectives from major figures (e.g. Ralph Edwards, Julia Child, Steve Allen), a book-length, running time line of world and media events, and 200 illustrations, many rare or previously unpublished.

  • Broadcast Voice Handbook : How to Polish Your On-Air Delivery
    Usually ships in 24 hours Ann S. Utterback / Hardcover / Published 1995

    Ann S. Utterback, author of the classic manual for on-air delivery, BROADCAST VOICE HANDBOOK, has written a book for news directors, producers, GM's, on-air talent, and all news professionals. Even though stress can be an ally when you need that extra surge of adrenaline, the chronic stress of the news business can also erode your health and your job performance. BROADCASTER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE describes techniques to help everyone in broadcasting recognize stresses and deal with them in healthy ways. You'll also find a list of resources for additional help from professionals. A book like this is long overdue for broadcasters. Jeff Alan, News Director at WPTY in Memphis, sums it up: "Ann Utterback knows broadcasters and the stresses we work under. She has managed to package everything that broadcasters need to improve their lives and performances in this one book. No one could ask for a better tool."

  • Can We Talk? : The Power and Influence of Talk Shows
    Usually ships in 2-3 days Gini Graham Scott / Hardcover / Published 1996

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